In the News: LGBT Memorial in Hudson River Park

Alexander Hamilton Room courtesy the Museum of American Finance••• Alexander Hamilton—perhaps you’ve heard of him?—is the subject of “two exhibits at the Museum of American Finance, Alexander Hamilton: Man with a Plan and Alexander Hamilton: Art and Popular Culture. Both look not only at the man, but at the larger context of New York in the 1790s, when Lower Manhattan was not only the financial capital of the young nation, but also its seat of government, as well as its cultural and religious center. In a fitting symmetry, the Museum is located in the former Wall Street headquarters of the Bank of New York, which Hamilton midwifed. During the weekend of October 21, admission to the Museum is free, in conjunction with the sixth annual Wall Street Collector’s Bourse.” —Broadsheet

••• “Tomorrow (Saturday, October 22), Trinity Church will unveil the results of its unprecedented experiment in radically inclusive dialog about the structure it plans to build at 74 Trinity Place. […] The session will be held at St. Paul’s Chapel, and will begin at 10 a.m. All interested members of the public are invited to attend.” —Broadsheet

••• Writer Jeff Gordinier visited the Beekman hotel’s bar and BlackTail as part of his Grub Street Diet recap.

••• After the mass-shooting at an Orlando nightclub, Governor Cuomo announced plans for an LGBT memorial somewhere in New York City, with Battery Park City and the Hudson River Park among the possible locations. Now we know: It is indeed going to be in Hudson River Park, between Bethune and W. 12th, on a piece of what is currently lawn. —DNAinfo


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  1. Thanks for the info on the Hamilton exhibits. I hadn’t heard of this. Will go!