Another Major Gallery on Walker Street

39-walkerI had heard whispers about this, and now ArtNews confirmed it: Bortolami Gallery is moving from Chelsea to 39 Walker: “The space is 9,000 square feet, which is bigger than [Stefania] Bortolami’s current space, and she’s paying the same amount of money on rent.” It joins the recently opened Alexander and Bonin at 47 Walker, and we’ve also heard that 61 Walker, formerly Walker Supply Co., will also be a gallery.

Bortolami suggests more might be joining them: “I think there will be a few more people,” she said. “This is not the chichi part of Tribeca. There’s a chance for something nice happening. I know there are some galleries that need to move from Chelsea. The moment when you have momentum… Already, from the moment when I said I was interested in this space, I got a lot of calls. You know what I mean?”


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  1. Great news! Nice to have more galleries on the street