In the News: Batman-Themed Penthouse

••• “A very successful businessman asked that his Tribeca penthouse be Batman-themed,” said interior designer Nicole Fuller in a Wall Street Journal on weird client requests. “He was very literal about it, but we focused on black, charcoal grays, grays and whites, with pops of yellow in the art and accessories. I interpreted the shape of bat wings architecturally and included this in a coffee table. We used lots of sleek textures and amped up the tech aspect of the apartment and built secret doors leading to different rooms and exits.”

••• “The western façade of Trinity Church in lower Manhattan hasn’t gotten much exposure during the past 100 years. But thanks to the recent demolition of a pair of buildings at 68-74 Trinity Place, which had stood since 1915 and housed the church’s parish offices, the 1846 Gothic Revival cathedral is once again basking in the sun. The vista won’t last long, as construction on a mixed-use building, which will feature 150,000 square feet of community space, topped off by 17 stories of offices, is slated to begin early next year.” —Crain’s

••• Community Board 1’s Battery Park City Committee pushed the Battery Park City Authority rep for more input on any changes being made to Wagner Park (which needs increased storm resiliency, so the park in general is under review). The committee seems mostly miffed that it has to go to one of the BPCA’s Open Community Meetings if it wants to participate in the discussion. Wagner Park will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting (Nov. 9), and it won’t just be locals weighing in: “Our consultant that did the assessment [on Wagner Park], Perkins Eastman, is going to be there as well, and will present the assessment to date, to stimulate and spark that feedback from the community,” said the BPCA rep. —Broadsheet

Wagner Park courtesy the Battery Park City Authority