Chick-fil-A Confirmed for FiDi

144-fultonIn September of 2015, I broke the news that the Chick-fil-A sandwich chain was planning a three-story restaurant, with rooftop seating, at 144 Fulton, next to the Fulton Center. Here’s the rendering posted on the plywood:

144-fulton-rendering-chik-fil-aIt’s a three-story building with a roof terrace…. What’s more, the Department of Buildings permits say the use is being changed to “eating and drinking establishment.” Googling “144 Fulton” and “Chick-fil-A,” I came across an ICAP Applicant Spreadsheet PDF from this past September 30. (ICAP stands for New York City’s Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program: “This program provides abatements for property taxes for periods of up to 25 years. To be eligible, industrial and commercial buildings must be built, modernized, expanded, or otherwise physically improved.”) Lo and behold….

chik-fil-a-from-icap-spreadsheetNo clue when it’s opening. If I lived within downwind, what I’d really want to know is where exactly they’re venting the kitchen to, because it’s probably not onto the roof terrace.