In the News: The Brandy Library Sets an Example

brandy-library••• If Wolfgang’s has shown us how not to handle patrons’ bad behavior, here’s a story about how Brandy Library did it right. (The post is from  few weeks ago; I didn’t click through at the time because the headline, “You Girls Having Fun?”, didn’t seem Tribeca-related.) —Eater

••• State Senator Daniel Squadron wrote an open letter to Donald Trump. —Daily Beast

••• In honor of Veterans Day, the Broadsheet profiled Battery Park City resident Marci Miller, Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army.

••• The New York Times tracked the apartment search of Harris Melmed and Eric Hannah, who ended up in FiDi. “The couple do have a quibble with their neighborhood: They wish there were more places to shop, eat and drink. ‘I am stunned there is no gay bar down here,’ Mr. Melmed said. ‘There is really nowhere to go for happy hour. It is a neighborhood with so much income, but we are not spending it here.'”