Seen & Heard: Chinatown Buses Keep Offloading Here

••• “Notorious” Chinatown bus company Yep Tour is still illegally dropping off passengers on Varick (in front of Walker’s/Girello). This was Friday between 3 and 4 p.m.

yep-tour-usdot-2429791-mc837516cyep-tour-bus-on-varick-yt31••• Posted on a wall in the empty 100 Hudson storefront is a blueprint confirming that Thom Browne is taking it (presumably for a women’s store, as rumored). Hudson is on the right, and the spaces are linked by a hallway on the east side.

thom-browne-100-hudson-blueprint••• Ronnybrook is taking the winter off from Saturday’s Tribeca Greenmarket. It’ll be here till the weekend before Christmas, then back in three months. (Eataly carries quarts of Ronnybrook’s yogurt, for those of us who like our yogurt in bulk and with a bit of tang.)

••• The scaffolding is down at 372 Broadway, which is being known as 6 Cortlandt Alley now that the building is being converted and its entrance moved around back. Thanks to T. for the photo.

6-cortlandt-alley••• Press release: “OPENSPACE Nomadic Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural show”—a solo exhibition by Pipi Deer called remnants—”at its new location in Tribeca [373 Broadway #C14]. The centerpiece of this exhibition is the installation remnants, 40 objects of significance, sealed in zip lock bags, affixed directly to a wall. The sealed bags preserve what is lost: memories, death, beauty; each tracing back to a time and place, mostly forgotten. Each object is heart-felt, with a deeply personal history. These relics have a definite aura, infused with life essence,refusing to be tossed away. Each separate bag and its object holds a life, slowly dying. Also part of the exhibition are two photographs and a piece of sculpture, further fragments of a fading past.




  1. It looks like an alley address is the new… mews?

  2. 372 Broadway. Thank you for the update. My understanding is that the residential entrance will be moved to and known as Six Cortland Alley and the ground floor retail will remain as 372 Broadway.

  3. It is absurd that the 1st Precinct cannot do anything about the bus issue right across the street from its station house. How hard would it be for them to mount a camera on their roof, collect 1-2 weeks worth of data on bus arrival times, and then station a cop there with an unmarked car to issue summonses at the most productive times?

  4. The illegal drop-offs are but one of many problems with these buses. They run red lights, lay on their horns at the slightest of provocation and do not yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. A bus clipped my back heal as I walked across the crosswalk on West Broad and Walker. The drivers are complete assholes.

  5. The bus drop off issue isn’t a big deal. Folks just want to be near the subway with their luggage. Please stop being so pretentious.

    Why don’t you complain about UBER dropping people off? What’s the difference?

    • 1.) Uber drivers also have to follow the law about where and how they stop and operate with TLC permits. You cannot just one day decide to drive for Uber without being licensed. Yep Tour buses are authorized to stop at 1 location in Brooklyn. They could apply to DOT for others, with no guarantees.

      2.) Here is what the Statement of Basis and Purpose said about the intercity bus permit law in the notice of adoption:

      Unauthorized passenger pickup or discharge in violation of 34 RCNY § 4-10(c)(1)

      The intent of implementing an intercity bus permit system is to ensure that intercity bus operators
      utilizing the City’s curb space inform the DOT of their intended operations, and, once approved for
      such operations, adhere to permit requirements. In applying for a permit, bus operators will provide
      DOT with important information related to overall bus operations within the City necessary for
      administration of the program. […]

      – Unlawful stopping or standing in an assigned on-street bus stop location except when actively
      engaged in the pick-up or discharge of passengers by an intercity bus permit holder in violation of 34
      RCNY § 4-10(d)(7)(v)

      Intercity bus permits are for the temporary utilization of curb space by approved bus operators in
      order to expeditiously pick up or discharge passengers. This code is necessary to ensure that
      permittees do not park or stand their vehicles in curb space and thereby create layover spaces in bus
      stops not intended for longer-term stops.

    • Another Battery Parker, Dick Costello, fails to understand the concerns of TriBeCa residents. These buses are god awful and must go. They are a blight on our neighborhood and dangerous for our children. Let’s organize and take matters into our wn hands. We cannot rely on the 1st precinct as they refuse to do anything in protest of Mayor Billy D’s horrible attitude and relationship with cops.

      • First off, my apt is next to Taylor’s. Second off, I have much more money than you do.

        Third and final off, I made my own money and didn’t inherit it.


        The buses allow cheap reliable transportation for those who weren’t born to rich parents and given the best resources growing up.