Seen & Heard: Tipsy Shanghai Restaurant Report

••• Keep an eye open for a missing cat.

missing-cat••• Steven Sclaroff points out that the unnamed Tribeca building rendered on the Studio Mellone site (first image below) appears to be 24 Leonard. (The second image is the initial design.) No clue if this is a revamp or not.

tribeca-building-drawing-by-studio-mellone24 Leonard rendering••• Closing Tuesday with a party 6-9 p.m.: Connie Rose’s “Is Truth an Illusion?” at One Art Space. Below: “You Are the Universe.”

you-are-the-universe-by-connie-rose••• Does anyone know how to get rid of a rechargeable 12-volt battery? It came in the Verizon Fios backup battery device, which we chose to get so that our landline would theoretically work during a power outage, but now, after a few years, the battery itself needs to be replaced (and the device beeps every 15 minutes). Other customers online are outraged that the battery dies quickly and/or that Verizon charges twice ($40) whatever everyone else does for a new one, but what frosts my nuggets is that the company refuses to take back the old batteries for safe disposal (which would appear to violate New York State law). I’ll try asking Call2Recycle on Tuesday, when they get done with their long Thanksgiving break, but in the meantime I thought I’d see if anyone has solved this particular problem.

verizon-fios-backup-12v-battery••• My friend Lisa tried Tipsy Shanghai, the second-floor restaurant on lower Washington Street, with some folks from the China Institute, and she said it was rather good and not at all scary (the way one fears with restaurants one can’t see into from the street). So we went for lunch: You enter St. George Tavern on the ground floor, and walk up the stairs. It’s not as pretty as it looks in the photo below, but it’s far nicer than its Chinatown counterparts, and it’d be even nicer if they would get rid of the infernal TV (muted, but still). And the place was packed! Lisa had remembered that someone ordered the Dongpo pork, so we had that, soup dumplings, potstickers, “Assorted bowls of steaming,” and eggplant in garlic sauce. The pork was excellent; the rest, good enough. I suspect people who know Chinese food better would be able to more successfully navigate the menu. Lisa said she’d ask her friends at the China Institute to recommend a bunch of dishes that would appeal to non-Chinese-food experts….




  1. This website lists a drop off location for batteries and more in Manhattan at 74 Pike Slip between Cherry Street and South Street under the Manhattan Bridge.

    • thanks for posting this. i have a shopping bag full of old batteries from electronics that i’ve been meaning to recycle. it’s crazy that there is only one center for this in manhattan. this issue needs to be taken more seriously because the heavy metals in these batteries is poisoning our ground water.

      if you try to return old batteries to retail stores, they frequently have no idea that the law requires them to take the batteries and i doubt they have a clue as to how to dispose of them properly. one exception is b&h photo which has a bin near the entrance.

    • please, remember that you need a wired phone that doesn’t require electricity for power failures. the verizon fios battery only powers the modem.

      you also can just disconnect the old battery and live without the power backup. the verizon guy told me over the phone how to stop the beeping or you could google the instructions.

    • Thanks for the link. I fear I’ll walk the 5-lb. battery over there only to have them say they won’t take it, but it’s worth a try. Smaller batteries are easy to return. When I tried at the Duane Reade on North End Ave., the cashier said the battery just had to fit inside a certain plastic bag they have.

  2. In Hong Kong (where I used to live) and other cities–not just Asian–it is common to find Chinese restaurants one floor up. Although the location no doubt has more to do with rental rates, one can also hope it tastes and feels more authentic. I can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for the review!

  3. I just moved out of 34 Desbrosses Saturday morning, but while packing the night before I noticed 3 black cats hanging around inside the construction site across the street. How would one go about contacting the construction site about this?

    • You mean 70 Vestry? Pretty sure the contractor has a temporary office across Washington, but can’t remember the company’s name. And/or you could reach out to the sales office at Greenwich and Vestry (212-775-0070)

  4. The cats are the ones that live under the loading dock at 416 Washington St – 2 adults and a kitten – they roam into 70 Vestry and a few other spots. The adults have been here for a few years and neighbors feed and watch out for them. The kittens are usually able to be rescued – they have had a few litters.