Seen & Heard: The Bouley Mothership

••• Opening tomorrow, December 1, at Cloud Gallery: “Steve Gordon [who lives and works in Battery Park City] feels most inspired after two vodka grapefruit drinks. His artistic muses often include sushi chefs and characters he observes at NYC bars. His father, Harry, also an artist, advised him that being an artist was a horrible way to make a living. So Steve pursued the law but stayed true to the arts, in his fashion, by becoming an entertainment lawyer, dedicating significant efforts to the success of emerging artists and entertainers. Now he is exploring his own artistic vision without giving up his day job, yet.” Below: Recent favorites from his Instagram, created at Black Hound Bar (2), Da Silvano, and Wei West, respectively.

black-hound-bar-2-by-steve-gordonblack-hound-bar-nude-by-steve-gordonda-silvano-by-steve-gordonwei-west-by-steve-gordon••• A Reddit post mourning the Raccoon Lodge inspired a long comment thread about the chainification of the neighborhood and the city. As with all comments, there are many dumb ones, but there are also a lot of intelligent ones. And the last one will break your heart. UPDATE: It’s no longer the last comment, so I’ll post it here: “I’m going to get downvoted for this. I live in Tribeca, and I’ve HATED walking past this bar. It always smelled fucking awful and people leave cigarretts all over the place that my dog ends up eating—not cool. I am not sad to see it go. That being said, I am sad that the neighborhood is being taken over by chains…but at the same time I can’t complain really. I buy things from those chains. I shop on amazon all the time and rarely buy from small businesses—besides coffee shops.”

••• David Bouley tweeted an update about the mothership.

bouley-tweet••• I can’t resist when something on the street is open with its guts exposed. Here’s what’s inside a phone-booth ad.

phone-booth-ad-battery••• What is that?



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  1. in reply to reddit: several issues in your post.
    I live here too. I ,too , dont’ like smelly, cigarette / garbage strewn sidewalks. i clean mine all the time and i am a small business owner.
    sanitized sidewalks don’t have to =sanitized chain businesses.
    how about patronizing small businesses like mine who are invested in the neighborhood?