Seen & Heard: Stalker at Whole Foods

••• Two months after a reader reported that a creepy man was attempting to fondle her child at Whole Foods, we have another disturbing incident, from a different reader:

I have been a frequent shopper of the Tribeca Whole Foods for many years. For the past several months or so I have taken notice of a man who I initially thought was a shopper. I slowly began to realize the man would follow me around the store, so then I assumed he was plain-clothes security.

Over time he has become more aggressive in his stalking tactics, following me to each area of the store and standing literally right next to or behind me as I order food and make product decisions.

Monday night, I finally made eye contact with him, as kind of a body-language way of saying, “Go away, leave me alone!”, and he responded by pulling his black skull cap down into a ski mask, laughing, and walking away.

Fed up, I went to customer service to complain. After giving management a description of the man, and calling over another plain-clothes security personnel, management claims that no such person works for their security team in or out of uniform. We came to the realization that the man who had been stalking me inside of Whole Foods for the past several months is a drifter who is there each and every time I’m there shopping, and who has been targeting me—and who knows how many other women—as I shop!

Creeped out, I went straight to the 1st Precinct and filed a police report for harassment. I didn’t have any picture of the stalker, but I did give his description: about 5′, 8″, 180 pounds, low haircut, and scruffy low beard, last night when he followed me he had on baggy blue jeans and sneakers, a black jacket, and a black skull cap that pulled down to a ski mask.

I have been instructed to call the police straight away next time I see the stalker in Whole Foods, and they will arrest him for harassment. I’m not sure if others have experienced this same thing with this man, but I am seriously considering my safety now. I have reached out to Whole Foods corporate about this to no avail. They have not showed any interest in knowing about this.

••• Someone involved with Club Remix wanted it known that the case brought against it by a former bartender, who accused the establishment of forcing her to serve drinks at weekly “sex parties,” has been dismissed by a federal judge.

••• Press release: “Cheryl Hazan Gallery is pleased to present Unstretched, a group exhibition [that] takes on experimentation outside of the conventional canvas frame. Through differing forms and perspectives, we consider art from new angles.” Opens December 8. Below: “What Is Obscured?” by Kristin Bauer.

what-is-obscured-by-kristin-bauer••• Press release: “Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer’s office is accepting applications for membership on Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards and encourages all eligible New Yorkers living, working, or studying in the borough of Manhattan to consider applying.” Wait, you can work in Manhattan, but not live here, and be on the community board? “Applications can be completed online at”

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