Seen & Heard: “Ocean’s 8” Is Filming Here Today

••• “Linus,” shooting today in the Greenwich/N. Moore area, is actually Ocean’s 8, starring Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and Awkwafina.

••• The golden wedge outside Balloon Saloon now has two flexible delineators in front of it. Sometimes I think “Vision Zero” aptly describes this entire administration.

••• Antique Garage posted the proposed hours for its forthcoming Tribeca location:

••• Signage is up at the Flea’s new home on Thomas.

••• Work appears to finally be starting on the hotel at 456 Greenwich, or maybe they’re turning it into a temporary park. (LOL.)

••• The cobblestone decay on Greenwich is reaching new depths.

••• Press release: “Sauce & Barrel, located at 97 Washington Street (at Rector) is a new Italian American pizzeria bar turning out delicious New Haven style-inspired pizzas and pastas, backed by a team with impressive culinary pedigree—Chef Mike Paez previously worked at Eataly, La Sirena, Altamarea Group, and helped to open Betony. There is also a fantastic cocktail program of aperitivos, spritzes and barrel-aged spirits by Jack Zemke (The Modern, The Edition, Betony). The focal point of the restaurant is a striking, shiny red Italforni ‘Bull’ oven—a special tri-layer oven designed specifically for making pizza. It is the first of its kind in the U.S.” Below: the “tangerine/honey/chili/gorgonzola pie.”



  1. A Cobblestone Paving Machine could make quick work of fixing those streets.

  2. Compare the brand new cobblestone work to any cobblestone street that was installed in the early 20th century (if you can still find one in Tribeca, as the city has recently paved over most of the last ones that remained in northern Tribeca), and you would see how much better a job was originally done. They were solidly installed, and they lasted for over a century, if undisturbed.

    On North Moore Street (before it was redone in 2014/5) you could see places where the original cobblestones were untouched- worn, but solidly anchored- vs places that had been dug up and reinstalled at some point afterwards, which looked terrible. You wonder why 100 years later we can’t replicate that quality of work when installing new cobblestones on a street.

  3. While I totally agree with @Robert Ripps, I don’t think that 100 years ago the horses put as much stress on our streets as the cars and trucks do. This stretch of Greenwich is right by Laight Street which takes the abuse of all those trucks coming off the Holland Tunnel. There’s been a petition going around to enforce the traffic laws… But not sure how much traction it’s getting?!