Seen & Heard: Soho Furniture Store Moved to Tribeca

••• “In the weeks before and after the election of Donald J. Trump, whose promise to deport millions of immigrants was a central theme of his campaign, the number of couples getting marriage licenses has surged in New York and other cities across the country,” reported the New York Times on December 29. “While there is no data explaining why couples are suddenly marrying at a faster pace, many immigrants and their partners say they are feeling an urgency to put a ring on before Inauguration Day.” Bob sent over a photo of the line as proof.

••• Every time I walk by 56 Leonard, I hope to see signs that the giant silver blob is arriving soon. Yesterday, I wondered again exactly how tall it’ll be. In a recent item about how sculptor Anish Kapoor spent $13.6 million on an apartment on the building, the New York Times referred to it as a “two-story, 40-ton piece.” Two stories sideways…?

••• MNDPC tweeted another photo of Tetsu, the restaurant under construction at 78 Leonard. The hashtags include “#summer2017,” which I would assume means the best-case opening date.

••• On Friday, someone texted over a photo of 15 Hubert, the L-shaped condo conversion that includes 407-411 Greenwich. “This has all been accomplished in the past 48 hours! They were working until at least midnight last night.” (Here’s a photo of how it used to look.)

••• The Montauk furniture store posted on social media that it’s after 20 years in Soho, it’s moving to 39 Lispenard, but a sign on the door of the Mercer Street location calls the new location “temporary.” Anyway, it’s a new addition to the Tribeca Design District.



  1. same same on the Anish Kapoor- Ive always liked the graphic quality of a filled space, but even this seems a bit tight!

  2. The two story figure is possibly in reference to an average ceiling, which is probably 8 feet high or so, as long as the people standing next to the statue are normal sized humans

    • If eight feet is an average ceiling height, I’d hate to see the low end! But I take your larger point (but I still think “two-story is disingenuous).

      • To clarify, 8 feet is the average height for low income and native TriBeCans. 9 foot plus is the average for us CarPetBaggers and High Income Whole Foods-shopping true Tribecans. Just saying.

        • My thought was…well, it’s clearly more than one story (it sticks up over the ceiling a bit)…so I guess if you’re over one story (even just a smidge) …that makes you two stories?