Seen & Heard: New Building on White Street

••• A couple of noteworthy additions to the Community Board 1 agendas:

—Tribeca Committee (Jan. 11): “Warren Street reconstruction project – Presentation by Norberto Acevedo, Deputy Director, Office of Community Outreach and Notification, NYC Department of Design and Construction.” Where I’m sure the DDC will say it’s too late to make any changes to the schedule the contractor already agreed to.

—Landmarks Committee (Jan. 12): “14 White Street, application for new seven-story mixed use building – Resolution (Tentative).” That’s the parking lot along Sixth Ave., between White and Walker. We’ve known about this for over a year, when the Dreaded Drill of Destruction was spotted there. At the time, plans filed with the Department of Buildings described an eight-story building.

••• I had said that I didn’t know of an easy way to find out what’s playing at the Roxy Cinema, but there’s a schedule by the hotel’s front door.

••• The Greenwich side of 15 Hubert (407 Greenwich) is looking pretty done, so maybe there’s hope that the late-night construction will end soon.

••• The TV show “Blue Bloods” is shooting in the Warren Street area on Monday.

••• It looks like someone wants to put a rooftop addition on 134 Duane.