Seen & Heard: The Four Seasons Plaza Is Nearly Done

••• I’m getting a bit of an R2-D2 vibe from the St. Nicholas National Shrine.

••• And here’s a WTCProgress fish-eye pic from inside the structure.

••• Work is underway on the Caffébene café at 378 Canal. Hope they find a way not to screw up the cute brick façade that had been hidden under a big “Electronics” sign.

••• The semi-public plaza to the east of 30 Park Place is getting very close—there’s now furniture. Maybe we can get Robert Janz to arrange the chairs every morning….

••• A sign has gone up at MB45, opening at 93 Worth. It promises a manicure and a blowout in 45 minutes.

••• Now that I’ve noticed that star, I’m never going to be able to unsee it.