In the News: The Many Mysteries of Bar Works

••• “An investor who allegedly ran a global multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme and is being sued by U.K. authorities for misleading investors is a key figure behind the New York co-working startup Bar Works, The Real Deal has learned. The investor, Renwick Haddow, looks to have gone to great lengths to hide his involvement in the company, whose listed co-founder appears to be his Eastern European wife working under an assumed name.” The story gets even better than that. (Tribeca has two Bar Works locations in progress; one at 70 White, the other at 95 Chambers.)

••• “Police Officer Thomas Ollis […] retired last Friday to a long blue line of hugs and well-wishes and the stirring sounds of pipes and drums during a ‘ceremonial walkout’ from the First Precinct station house in Tribeca. All of his nearly 18 years on the force had been spent there.” —Tribeca Trib

••• The owner of 28 Liberty “decides not to build huge glass pavilions on landmarked plaza.” —Architect’s Newspaper

••• “The turn-of-the-century history of tattoos in America and Wagner’s role as one of the country’s early tattoo professionals is explored in a new South Street [Seaport] Museum exhibit, ‘The Original Gus Wagner: The Maritime Roots of Modern Tattoo,’ slated to launch Jan. 28.” —DNAinfo