Seen & Heard: “Relentless Tenderness”

••• As you may recall, I’ve been frustrated by how hard it has been to get info about what’s coming up at the Roxy Hotel’s movie theater. But now there’s a website,, that not only has a schedule, it also sells tickets (for a nominal $1.50 each). And the slate is really good! The acclaimed American Honey plays tonight; The Royal Tennenbaums screens on Sunday (those are just two that caught my eye). Also, it’s an excuse to run Margot’s montage. UPDATE: I got more info on the ticket pricing. “Tickets are [currently] only $1.50 due to charges and rules about listing on Fandango. If people walk in before Feb. 1, screenings are actually free. Wednesday-Thursday screenings will be $5. Weekend matinee (2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.) will also be $5. Friday-Sunday evenings will be $10—we’ll be showing 7:30 p.m., 9/9:30 p.m. and a midnight screening.” UPDATE 1/31: “All screenings are now $10,” reports the Roxy. “We will also have a handful of 12pm complimentary screenings with brunch, throughout the month. These will be clearly listed online.”

••• To commemorate its 40th anniversary, the Public Art Fund is organizing “digital interventions” around the city from February 6 to March 5. of local note: “Turkish-born artist Hayal Pozanti will take over the 19 digital screens at Westfield World Trade Center, including a 280-foot-long LED screen, with a video that appears as a striking contrast between familiar and abstract or technological languages like those of artificial intelligence. Her self-conceived alphabet of shapes floats in the background, while its English translation spells out the words ‘RELENTLESS TENDERNESS’ before us. This distinctively human expression echoes the artist’s plea for tolerance, understanding, and empathy in the world today.” Wait, this means no Cheetos Museum ads for a whole month?!

••• 111 Murray is as tall, if not taller, than 101 Warren—and the former is only halfway to its total height.

••• You have to admire Houseman‘s willingness to try new things: On Feb. 9, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, guest chef Rosa Ross is cooking a seven-course set menu that looks rather tasty.

••• And at the nearby corner, Spring St. Finest Deli has put up signage.

••• I posted a while back that I head heard 349 Greenwich (formerly Dean’s) is going to be a children’s clothing store, but the other day I walked by and work was clearly happening in the south side, but not the north. So I’d wager the shop will only take half that space.


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  1. Don’t worry–“relentless tenderness” is a short clip (makes no sense to me though) and your other faves are still there. It’s fun to watch kid’s reactions to the Cheetos ad, and I’ve seen toddlers trying to catch the giant floating potato chips.