Seen & Heard: Archive of Protest Signs

••• Stop by the Chambers Street side of Philip Williams Posters for a display of many signs from yesterday’s protest and march.

••• J. found a fancy watch on Harrison this morning. If you think it was yours, email a description to and I’ll pass it along.

••• R. noticed that the “American Flatbread” sign was taken down at 205 Hudson, but Billy Reilly—whose plan to turn it into an event space was abandoned in the face of community opposition—says there’s no news yet. Plans filed with the Department of Buildings back in June say this: “INTERIOR RENOVATION OF 1ST FLOOR AND CELLAR EATING AND DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT TO INCLUDE NEW EXTERIOR SIGNAGE, NEW CEILINGS, LIGHTING, FINISHES AND MINOR PLUMBING CHANGES AS PER PLANS. NO CHANGE IN USE, EGRESS OR OCCUPANCY.” If the hole in the paper on the windows gets patched up, we’ll want to keep a very close eye on the space.

••• Can You Ever Forgive Me? is filming in the Reade/Broadway area on Thursday. From Deadline: “Melissa McCarthy has been set to topline Can You Ever Forgive Me?, a Fox Searchlight film about writer-turned-forger Lee Israel based on her memoir. Marielle Heller is directing from Nicole Holofcener’s script. Israel was a magazine writer and author in the 1970s and ’80s who specialized in profiles of big-name entertainment figures. But when the work dried up, she turned to selling letters she had forged from dead writers and actors, and eventually she began stealing actual letters from various archives before she was arrested in 1993. She died in 2004.”

••• The 1 subway entrance at the west end of the World Trade Center Oculus is going to be pretty funky; it has a bit of JFK’s Pan Am terminal about it. The reader known as Hudson River also noticed it: “The glass at the #1 train entrance is almost completely installed, so you will be able to stand on the floor of the Oculus and see the train going by above you (if they ever finish it).” The R entrance at the east end (second photo) is less zippy.

••• Have you picked up some new kids’ socks or underwear yet for local teen Sam Brodsky’s clothing drive form the homeless?


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  1. Has anyone noted that since the reopening of the E train entrance at the World Trade Center, it is now possible to walk underground from the Chambers and Church A train entrance all the way to either Fulton Center or Brookfield Place without paying a fare, the equivalent of 8 to 10 blocks? A boon for those wishing to escape inclement weather or streetside cigarette smoke.