Seen & Heard: Neighbors Pelting a Construction Site With Objects

••• Activity at 249 Church! That’s where Martin Auer has been planning to open a Bakehouse for some time now.

••• Two new additions to the agenda for the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee meeting on Feb. 8:

—75 Murray Street, application for catering liquor license – Resolution [That’s the Bogardus Mansion, where Caviarteria was]
—Hubert and Washington Street traffic calming proposal – Discussion [Not sure what this is about—the problem generally seems to be cars rushing through turns on and off West Street, not onto Washington….]

•••The southern half of City Hall Park was made over into a Christmas village for “Happy,” the Syfy Tv show with Chris Meloni. It struck me as a little sad, but I guess I wasn’t looking in the right places. “What makes me happy is the video screen on the set is showing knockoff Teletubbies farting rainbows between each other’s bum,” says Mruptight.

••• A resident of the big rental building at 50 Murray—where Equinox is (and which the new owner, Clipper Equity, is calling Tribeca House)—shared a memo asking that people not throw objects at 45 Park Place, where a 43-story building is under construction (and will be for a long time). According to the resident, folks at 50 Murray have other reasons to be displeased: “The buildings are going to be nestled together, and many apartments in 50 Murray are losing windows, light, and air. More to the point, the building process is both very loud, and is notably shaking the building. As you can see from the attached, the residents are not happy about this. Then, to add just a little more context, the new management company has almost completed a renovation of the lobby (we seem to be in tune with the new Trump administration, style-wise) which itself has taken more than six months—and still hasn’t finished the space for the valet. I suspect I’m not alone in thinking our new owners might want to spend a little more effort making amends for the construction hassle we’re all dealing with rather than on gilding our lobby. But I would also add that the building staff continues to be outstanding—patient and helpful in every way they can be.”

••• I was walking on Desbrosses, checking to see whether anything is happening at 27 Desbrosses (where new doors were put in), when I ran into J., who was assessing the situation across the street at 456 Greenwich (where a hotel is sort of under construction). She pointed out that the old signage on 27 Desbrosses was half-painted over, which got me all riled up. But when I went home and used Google Maps’s street-view function, I learned that the signage had already been half-painted over in 2014, when Google last drove by. But here’s the mysterious part: In 2009, the signage was entirely painted over. So was it (re-?)painted at some point? I know someone out there knows the answer to this.



  1. Oh wow – those people at 50 Murray are in for a long, long rude awakening.

  2. I’ve felt the 50 Murray Street shake when at the gym there. VERY scary.

  3. “Christmas Village”?
    They are shooting something THAT FAR in advance?