Seen & Heard: Terroir Is Taking Reservations

••• I didn’t realize Terroir takes reservations until I came across it on the Resy app. There’s also a form on the restaurant’s website, or you can call.

••• Melet Mercantile on Franklin has a nice display of protest signs in its window.

••• North End Grill‘s “Bistro du Nord” has ended, but many of those menu items—tarte flambeé, French onion soup, duck egg en meurette, cassoulet, crispy skate wing, steak au poivre…—have stuck around, tilting the restaurant more toward France. Also, there’s no longer a vegetarian entrée.

••• Signs are up on Hubert, near Hudson, for “Untitled Photo Shoot” today. It’s ridiculous that the city allows crews to be anonymous.

••• The discount store RHX, which was a nuisance on Broadway for years, is now open on John. (Thanks to M. M. De Voe for the photo.)



  1. There is also this today on Lispenard.

    I’m not sure what the rules are on posting links, but i have no personal interest or affiliation with this event. I rec’d an email about it.