Seen & Heard: Upstaging 1 World Trade Center

••• “Tribeca Crossing,” a painting by Tessa Coleman, via the New English Art Club. It’s for sale here.

••• The State Liquor Authority hearing about the suspension of Remix’s liquor license—for operating as an adult-entertainment establishment, among many other things—is this Thursday, Feb. 9. From someone who understands these things: “Once hearings are complete and the Administrative Law Judge rules on the charges, the decision will go to the SLA Full Board for penalty, which can result in a financial penalty or in cancellation of the license.”

••• I have no idea whether this is new, because I’m rarely on West Street in winter, but the City Vineyard building at the base of Pier 26 has a big orange sign that lights up at night. I suspect its primary raison d’être is to help people find the restaurant. The typography doesn’t have much in common with the “skate” and “golf” signage at Pier 25.

••• While I was on my winter West Street walk, I realized that 111 Murray—currently just over half its final height—is going to end up stealing quite a bit of 1 World Trade Center’s thunder.

••• Speaking of things I missed, a wine bar/restaurant called Local & Vyne opened in November at 282 Hudson (at Dominick), where Cody’s Bar & Grill was. Its focus is on New York vineyards and breweries.

••• From Pen Parentis about its next salon: “Tuesday, February 14 at 7 p.m., three authors who write about race will be featured in a tricky panel discussion [….] Confirmed appearances by by Helen Wan, Karl Jacoby, and Shani Gilchrist. Helen Wan is well known for her novel about a minority woman lawyer intending to break the glass ceiling (The Partner Track) and subsequent nonfiction about race and cultural identity in the workspace. Shani Gilchrist has spent her entire life as a journalist and essayist battling the race politics in South Carolina where she lives. In addition to his writing, Karl Jacoby is an esteemed Columbia University Professor in the Department of History and in the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race.” RSVP info.

••• Adidas is shooting something in the White/Church area today.



  1. Which one is 111 Murray? The one in front of the “Freedom Tower” or the to the left?

  2. Little by little we are losing the sun!

  3. I remember the old days when Washington Market Park had sunshine all day…