In the News: Tragedy at the Oculus

••• A woman tragically fell to her death at the World Trade Center Oculus. —New York Post

••• “Glass fell about 20 stories from the Millenium Hilton on Monday, shattering on the sidewalk.” —DNAinfo

••• Remember the Lotus Blue restaurant on Reade? When it closed in the fall of 2015, the word was that it would reopen on the Soho stretch of W. Broadway. The new incarnation will actually be farther north, on Union Square West. And it’s apparently called Lotus Blue Dongtian Kitchen Bar. —Eater



  1. Booo. Too far away. That was a great restaurant.

  2. Horrible accident involving the young lady at the Oculus. I’m sickened by it. My deepest condolences to the family.