New Kid on the Block: Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store

The Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store has opened at Brookfield Place, above P.J. Clarke’s. At 16,000 square feet, it’s big, but still less than a fifth of the size of the Saks women’s store elsewhere in the mall. The emphasis is on high-end brand names—Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Paul Smith, Canada Goose, etc.—with areas devoted to bags, fragrance and grooming, sunglasses, headphones, and a lot of shoes, especially sneakers. There’s a Leather Spa shoe shine station, and a Sharps barber chair will soon be in operation. Take a look around….

Saks Men’s Store is at 250 Vesey; 646-344-6300;

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  1. High-end – Canada Goose. I spit my cocktail out across the desk with that one! Good one!

  2. I walked away unimpressed last night.

    Imagine the men’s floor at the Bloomingdales in Soho, take what they display and smush it into 2/3 the floor space.

    The worst part though was the really “green” staff. I asked what Chelsea boots they had, to which 2 people said they had never heard of that “brand” and one asked me to help him identify a Chelsea boot from other types.

    Will it get better? Probably, but rookie mistakes for such a high-end focused store make it a long road ahead.