Seen & Heard: Nobu’s Final Night in Tribeca

••• The other day, I mentioned how Community Board 1 had talked about organizing a town hall regarding  the traffic mess leading into the Holland Tunnel. “There will be a public CB2 meeting this month with DOT regarding Holland Tunnel traffic issues,” commented Sam. “The DOT is commissioning a study that will look at all the issues in the area around the Tunnel entrance.” He said he’ll let know the details when they’re firmed up. Here’s hoping they can get some electeds, the Port Authority, and the NYPD there.

••• They were already digging yesterday at 100 Franklin, so I fear those wonderful trees will be cut down soon. Love the little bump into the sidewalk on the diagram posted at the site. (From James: “Partial stop work order was stuck to the fence of 100 Franklin, halting the excavation but allowing completion of the fence. From the complaints and the jobs record listed online, it seems they were digging in the lot without permits.”) Semi-related thought: With all the new buildings under construction, along with the two major street reconstruction projects at Worth and Warren, walking around the neighborhood is kind of unpleasant. You can’t go a block without running into a noisy situation, and there are trucks everywhere (including a huge one parked on the sidewalk across from 79-81 Warren this morning).

••• A reader is looking for a good high-end travel agent (who obviously need not be local), specifically for a trip to Russia but generally for anywhere. Any advice?

••• “At Nobu last night, they told me last night open here will be March 25!” reports a reader. The restaurant is moving to FiDi, to a pretty space inside 195 Broadway (rendered below).

••• Lower Manhattan is getting a second poke restaurant (besides Humble Fish on Lispenard): Poke Bowl at 102-104 Fulton.

••• Remember that big parking garage—the one with the cars visible from the street—that used to be at 56 Fulton, not far from the Seaport District? Here’s the building that replaced it.

••• You-know-who is back to shoot today and tomorrow at the Chambers/Broadway area.



  1. What is shown as a bump out into the sidewalk is likely not accurate, but rather an overemphasis to distinguish (from the property boundary lines) the narrow, 6-inch connection between the two lots that makes this legally one parcel and not two.

  2. The reader looking for a travel agent should call Carol Adams @torlytravel She provides an amazing service and really is an expert on travel. She’s dedicated and works hard to put together amazing trips.

  3. Re Nobu: “A pretty space” you say? Rather one of the grandest, stateliest public lobbies in lower Manhattan with its extravagant proportions and towering Doric marble columns. “Monetizing” that great hall for an eatery is nothing short of shameful. But this is not, alas, the first affront the building — which began life as the headquarters of Western Union and AT&T in 1916 — has had to suffer. In 1978 downtown Manhattan lost lost one of its iconic skyline features: the great, golden, 24-foot tall “Genius of Telegraphy” by Evelyn Beatrice Longman which stood atop the building and had been commissioned for it when it was built. That great, gilded bronze statue was taken down then and moved uptown to the lobby of Philip Johnson’s “Chippendale” building, AT&T’s new headquarters. And when Sony later took over that building it was deported to somewhere New Jersey. All very sad.

  4. I have subsequently learned that “The Spirit of Telegraphy” has been moved from New Jersey to AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas TX. That guy gets around!

  5. RE: trip to Russia, I would be happy to help. Not a travel agent but I am from Russia and my family goes back every year! My mother just returned from St. Petersburg and has the best recommendations for where to stay, what to see and where to find authentic food. Feel free to email me at!

  6. RE: the luxury travel advisor reco – I run Tribeca Traveler, a Virtuoso-affiliated agency in the neighborhood. Would be happy to help :) ||

  7. NY Magazine – “Rock Shrimp and Star Power: Drew Nieporent on the Earliest Days of Nobu”