Seen & Heard: Harrison Has Left Whole Foods Tribeca

••• Harrison, the much-admired security guard at Whole Foods, has transferred to the Bryant Park store. The guard I spoke with said he wanted to work a different shift—so good for him, bad for us.

••• The March agenda for Community Board 1’s Landmarks Committee had included new signage at 279 Church—and, as mentioned in the annotated agendas, I assumed it’s likely for Lyons Den Power Yoga’s newly expanded studio. (The item was subsequently pulled from the agenda.) I asked Lyons Den if the “Burlesque” sign is at risk. The response: “We are applying to add tasteful signage by the front that tastefully matches the existing aesthetic and already existing landmarked signage (a.k.a. the ‘Burlesque’ sign).”

••• The next Tribeca Meet & Greet is Monday, March 6, at Fountain Pen Hospital. Organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the networking event is free and open to everyone. It’s 6:30-9 p.m.

••• Saw this kind of thing several times yesterday. Maybe the DOB should visit its regulations for dealing with high winds, because if that lands on a moving car….

••• You know that recently renovated storefront at the northwest corner of Lafayette and Franklin, pictured directly below? Peeking inside, I saw floor plans for a Step Up, a mentoring group for girls. But upon closer inspection, they’re for the store at the southwest corner of Lafayette and Walker (third photo). UPDATE: James says a worker told him the plans were for a TV shoot.

••• The last few years, what you see when you look up or down a street has really changed. Most recently: Looking east on Worth, you’ll be faced with the tower next to the Manhattan Bridge that Extell is passing off as One Manhattan Square.


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  1. One of the workers told me the Step Up plans were for a TV shoot.