The Party Is Over at Remix

In a very rare occurrence, the New York State Liquor Authority has revoked Panagiotis Kotsonis’s liquor license for Remix, the club at 27 Park Place that has long antagonized neighbors. According to Community Board 1 members, the SLA is only ever likely to take such a step if laws have been broken—being a nuisance is not enough—and for Remix, the SLA had plenty of ammunition. In January, a raid by the NYPD Vice Squad found “a make-shift back room cordoned off with curtains and rope partitions with topless and scantily clad females performing lap dances and lewd sexual behavior,” among other violations. St. Venus Theater, the roving party that had set up residence there, had gotten a lot of press in recent years, and perhaps the NYPD had had enough.



  1. I guess you could say they were stripped of their license.

  2. Now can the same be done to M1-5?

  3. Oh Tribeca. Where has the fun gone?