Seen & Heard: Inside the Soho Trader Joe’s

••• Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee confirmed that it’s opening a café at 139 Reade, where Christina Lehr’s shop used to be. Thanks to Evan for the photo.

••• Walked by the forthcoming Trader Joe’s at Sixth Avenue and Spring yesterday. The windows have been unpapered, and there’s work of some kind going on inside. Here’s a peek at the interior.

••• And I just learned that Rocco Cadolini of Roc is a partner in Pop Pasta, as the spaghetti donut is called. (It’s the current star of the Smorgasburg scene, as noted in yesterday’s post about Smorgasburg opening at Varick and Canal.)

••• When the busted transformer was removed from the Con Edison substation at W. Broadway and Leonard, it was a big deal. So I’d assume that the installation of a new transformer will be, too. And unlike the removal, the installation is happening at night….

••• The 19-story building at 91 Leonard (as the developer, Toll Brothers City Living, is calling the L-shaped lot at 353-357 Broadway) is rising quickly. This is still the only rendering we have.

••• Meanwhile, El Ad should be ashamed of the way it has refused to dismantle the sidewalk shed on the Broadway side of its Franklin Place condo, long after the building was completed. If we have to put up with the hassle of your new construction, the least you can do is clean up the mess as quickly as possible.



  1. I would think the Franklin Place residents would complain?

    • I live across the street at 366 and look down on that trash covered gross sidewalk shed every day. Is there nothing the DOB can do about it once the C of O has been issued?

  2. I gotta believe that’s the easiest/cheapest way to store that
    material before the next project. The municipal govt (dob whomever) ought to regulate but cant be bothered obviously. Its really a shame- local pols reading should take note…and not just when it affects them personally….