Acappella Is Moving After 23 Years

The sign in Acappella‘s window announcing a two-week closure for renovations was cause for concern, because traditionally restaurants do that kind of thing in a quiet period, such as August or January. Then Bruce commented that the closing must have been a surprise, because three weeks ago he made a reservation for this Saturday night, and no one let him know that it wouldn’t be honored. I tried to make a reservation for mid-May. “This restaurant is closed temporarily,” says OpenTable’s page for the restaurant.

And when I called Acappella’s sister restaurant in Edgewater, N.J., I was told that the original Manhattan outpost—which opened back in 1994 and was featured in the first episode of “The Sopranos”—is indeed closed. But the good news is that it’ll reopen two blocks away. (When I asked when, I was told once again that it’ll reopen two blocks away.) The likeliest spots would be the former TD Bank branch at the southwest corner of Hudson and Duane or the current location (for however long) of Bouley. [UPDATE: Andrea pointed out that the former Il Gilgio space at 81 Warren could be a contender—and it would much more affordable than those other two corner spots. UPDATE 4/19: I hear from someone that it’s none of these spots….] The move isn’t a total surprise: Chef/owner Sergio Acappella has been frustrated with the construction on Chambers, the installation of a subway elevator right outside his window, and the formation of Bogardus Plaza.



  1. That soon to be vacated corner location looks prefect for what? Another bank branch perhaps. Let the guessing begin.

  2. I have walked past that place for ten years and never seen anybody going in or out.

    Has anybody EVER eaten there? Legitimately curious.

    • Yes, stop there every time in NY from San Francisco. Love it. Voted best Italian restaurant in NYC in 2017. Really happy it is returning! I

  3. yes, very good over priced Italian food…not all that different from what il gilgio was like.

  4. Very good veal chop..thinly pounded.

  5. Agree with BPCrez. Very good, but expensive and kind of stuffy/formal. Not kid friendly in my opinion – a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view. My husband and I did enjoy going there from time to time for special occasions.

  6. I love Acappella and will definitely visit anywhere they open. The food is delicious and the service impeccable. I believe the Il Giglio space makes sense.

  7. I miss stuffy/formal restaurants. Somewhere where you don’t hear the F word in every other sentence OR a “no problem” reply when you say thank you. I hope they stay that way when they move.

    • yes it was the best place in NYC. I loved to go there and I wish to go in edgewater to the new place, I belive the address there is 163 old river road. edge water. NJ, and the phone number is 201 840 0163

  8. Very good Italian food. There is so much unimpressive even bad Italian food downtown, Acapella never disappoints. So glad it is staying downtown.

  9. Please tell me that they will reopen. Great food and service. If this is stuffy we love stuffy!!!
    We visit them every time we are in NYC visiting from Texas. Reopen Please

  10. Please !please reopen!
    I love the old world feeling in that restaurant- the food was excellent and the staff were terrific
    I can’t wait for it to open again
    We really need restaurants like this to stay open in New York City


  12. My favorite Italian restaurant. My husband says
    they have the best veal chop in the city.