More on Acappella’s Move

Tuesday’s post about Acappella restaurant leaving the corner of Chambers and Hudson, where it had been for 23 years, included three possible locations that would qualify as “two blocks away,” where the restaurant was said to be moving: the current Bouley space, the former TD Bank, and the former Il Giglio. But none of them were right. The word is that Acappella is taking the ground floor and basement at 75 Murray, where the basement had previously been home to Caviarteria and, before that, the Silver Lining jazz club. In February, the building’s owner, George Aprile, asked Community Board 1 for a liquor license to open a piano bar (serving minimal food) in the basement; whether that’s part of the new plan remains unclear. There’s no sign of a buildout yet, so if this actually happens, it may not be for a while.

Also of note: Acappella’s rent at 1 Hudson had reportedly been $32,000 per month; now the owner is said to be asking $68,000. (Pictured below: Acappella’s sister restaurant in Edgewater, N.J.)



  1. The landlords are ruining our neighborhood.

  2. Silver Lining was the best spot in Tribeca, by far, in my 16 1/2 years here. But not a good spot for a restaurant like Accapella, which already has trouble filling seats on the busiest street corner in the area. Too hidden. My dad’s favorite when he visits, wish them well!

  3. Agree rents are ginormous. By the way, we needed a Trader Joe’s not a Target. Target doesn’t seem to be doing well.

    Oh, I think Italian restaurants do better takeout/delivery business than eat-in. Guess why?

  4. The Target store is terrible and unlike the big ones in other cities which are really terrific in their mission: huge selection, lowest pricers in town. Here Target prices are mostly comparable to and often higher than those found in other stores. A rip-off and trading on its reputation for undercutting prices — and not even a wide selection of goods. It deserves to do badly and to close.

    As for TJ’s we have lost our chance as one is now scheduled to open a few blocks above Canal on 6th Ave. A schlep, I suppose, but do-able.

    And why has TJ’s opened only one liquor store (the one at the first, 14th St. branch)? The idiotic New York State liquor laws do not allow liquor to be sold in food stores, so the one on 14th is next door. Is it just that TJ’s has not been able to find similar situations for its other stores? Or is there some idiot law that will not allow them to?

    • NY Liquor laws allow only one license per corporate entity. So TJs gets one for the state, Whole Foods gets one for the state and so on. All the mom and pops get one, and so on.

  5. Disgusting increase in rents. Do we really need another bank branch?