In the News: Whole Foods Is a Takeover Target

••• “Supermarket operator Albertsons is exploring the possibility of a Whole Foods takeover.” Ugh.Grub Street

••• And there’s more on Whole Foods and its shareholder troubles in the New York Times.

••• More on yesterday’s shooting near the Battery: “An innocent bystander was shot when two men selling tickets to the Statue of Liberty fire shots at each other near Battery Park on Monday afternoon, NYPD sources said Monday. One of the ticket-sellers was hit in the exchange of bullets around 3:35 p.m. and was caught by cops while being driven from the scene, sources said. The innocent victim was identified as a 32-year-old Brooklyn woman who was shot in the knee.” Those ticket sellers have been trouble for a long time now (as noted in the Broadsheet). —New York Post

••• From a New York Times article about a book about UFO sightings: “One of the most intriguing occurred on the afternoon of Sept. 17, 2011, when a man on the roof terrace of the New Museum on the Bowery photographed a fast-moving diamond-shaped object with windows and flashing blue and red lights against the Tribeca skyline. [Here’s the photo.] According to [the Mutual U.F.O. Network], it resembled an unknown flying object photographed in Round Rock, Tex., two weeks earlier.”

••• According to the Atlantic, the Anne Frank Center “has a flair for attracting media attention, but lacks a mass membership or scholarly expertise—and its connection to its famed namesake isn’t what it claims.” Of local relevance: The organization’s former museum on Park Place “was serving an average of six visitors per day.”

••• Taste NY Wine & Spirits Shop is a “state-sponsored shop selling wine, cider and spirits made in New York […] at the entrance to Pier A Harbor House. A kiosk nearby is stocked with food items also made in New York. Through its partnership with Taste NY, the restaurant will be using New York products and promoting them on its menu.” —New York Times



  1. I wish Wegmans would take over Whole Foods.

  2. Publix markets also has its hat in the ring. Somehow I think that if the takeover or merger occurs it will be regional. If it actually happens.

    • Publix would be an interesting/fascinating development. They are fantastic, but this seems so out of character for them as a company.