Seen & Heard: The Homeless Woman Outside Serafina

••• The Soho Arts Network, “a working network of non-profit art spaces in Soho,” has organized a self-guided Downtown Culture Walk for this Saturday, April 29. Two Tribeca galleries, Apexart and Soho Photo, are among the participants.

••• This morning’s post about the possibility of a good sandwich shop opening at Park Place reminded me than the street is supposed to be getting another sandwich restaurant, Five and Dime Hospitality, in the Woolworth Building. (Although now I see it has registered “Five & Dime Coffee & Cocktails” as a trademark, so perhaps the focus has shifted?) No clue when it’ll open.

••• Best look yet at the new-ish building where Serafina restaurant will be.

••• Semi-related, from a reader who would like to be anonymous: “There was an article several months back that mentioned the homeless woman, Kiki, who resided on the sidewalk across from where the new Serafina will be—I have not seen her around in several weeks and was wondering if anyone knew of her whereabouts? I would pass her every morning on my way to the Bari studio on Leonard. I understand from the comments on the article I’m referring to that she was very self-sufficient and refused help regarding her situation, but I always did wish that there was some way to help her.”

••• The Arlo hotel staffer who said that the ground floor of the new building at 229 Hudson was going to be part of the hotel appears to have been mistaken.

••• Yesterday offered a rare chance to peek into the northwest corner of 60 Hudson. Those things that resemble filing cabinets in the photo were more like servers in real life.



  1. This outpost of Five and Dime was always meant to be more of a Coffee shop with Cocktails as opposed to more of a Diner. I was a the FiDi CB1 meeting when they presented way back when. I think it will be a fun place.

    • I don’t know what they said in the CB1 meeting, but this was in the application: “Our focus is on sandwiches of varying size: miniature tea sandwiches for a snack or to share; medium meals based on deli salads and meat or cheese; and larger, heart hot ‘rafts.’ That’s our own name for open-faced toasted sandwiches smothered in cheese sauce, inspired by the lunch counter parlance of ‘Adam and Even on a raft’ meaning eggs on toast. Accompaniments will include kettle chips, pickles, and housemade condiments.” And the sample menus were along those lines:

  2. I too have been very worried about K. Seeing her belongings left behind was very disconcerting. I’m worried sick about her and have walked the entire neighborhood looking for her.

    If anyone knows what happened to her please post.

  3. “I would pass her every morning on my way to the Bari studio on Leonard” —
    — while inquiring about the welfare of a homeless woman, has got to be one of the most “Tribeca” things written in the comments section in a while.

  4. Hopefully the homeless woman is gone. She is a drug addict and uses hyperdemic needles in public to shoot up. It’s disgusting and unsafe and by the looks of her she is diseased. I have seen her using many times and have seen her needles laying on the ground by her pile of garbage. I have called the police multiple times to remove her from the neighborhood many times but they are useless.
    If she is gone that is a blessing to us all and maybe to her if she is getting help…but I doubt that.

    • While I think it’s very nice people are concerned, I’m not sure about you but I’d prefer not to have needles laying around a continuously congested walkway. In the summer time when adults and children are walking around in open toed shoes (or even closed toes shoes in the winter!) is quite dangerous if you stepped on them. Statistically, there are more shelters than before and ways to get help now in NYC. While it’s not perfect, there are options for her as opposed to being there all day/night using. Hopefully she has found assistance and help.

  5. Regarding the homeless woman, I personally witnessed her packing her belonging in a SUV type of yellow taxi a couple of weeks ago. Anything that was left behind, she did so on purpose.