Seen & Heard: Five Boro Bike Tour Is This Sunday Morning

••• Is it possible Acappella is going to reopen before it moves? Seems unlikely, but then why do this? (Thanks to the reader who sent it in.)

••• And someone appears to have goofed at 111 Murray. Here’s hoping they figure it out before they put too much more glass up.

••• The retail space at 249 Church (northeast corner of Leonard), where Martin Auer Bakehouse is presumably still opening, looks like it’ll look fantastic when it’s done. Beautiful new windows.

••• This Sunday is the Five Boro Bike Tour, but I won’t be around to see if the organizers follow through on their promises and/or whether those promises make a difference. Please let me know.

••• As expected, the American Apparel at Broadway and Howard has closed.

••• Savore restaurant at 200 Spring in Soho has reopened at Altesi Downtown. Here’s the menu.



  1. re 111 murray – that’s a pretty big f up

  2. 111 Murray- Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

  3. Apparently they solved much of the noise problem.

  4. James, that depends on where you live, I suppose. Inside my apt, the announcements started at 7:10 am and the prerecorded music at 7:30. Many of the neighbors in my building were just as angry as in the past. I will say levels were a bit lower than last year and things started about 20 minutes later.

    At about 8:15, I went to talk to them. I asked sound guy if he could lower it a bit and his response was same as last year: “We have a permit.” But then someone working the event asked if she could help me. I said I lived 4 block south and 1 east and it was too loud inside my apt. She apologized, said she’d been trying to get them to lower it but they kept raising it back up. While I was standing there, she told the sound guy to lower it and he did. It made a huge difference when I got back to my apt in terms of the prerecorded music. However the announcements were still just as loud (separate track on the sound board, I’m guessing).

    That’s the report from Duane Street.

  5. That be one ugly glass tower