Seen & Heard: The News Literacy Project

••• Alexander and Bonin gallery is hosting an important event for the News Literacy Project on May 10. Admission is free; donations are voluntary.

••• The “retail space for rent” sign at 329 Canal (at Greene) made me concerned for Canal Rubber, but they said it’s not for them, so it must be for the souvenir shop on the corner. P.S. A shot of inside Canal Rubber, just for kicks.

••• From Lauren at YogaSpark: “We are planning on running a summer yoga teacher training program. It’s quite different from most teacher training programs in that it is half the time and half the cost, but we feel it will be equally as effective in teaching people the core of what they want, which is how to teach hot power yoga.” More info here.

••• Opening May 5 at hpgrp Gallery: the first solo exhibition in the U.S. by Japanese artist duo exonemo. [Is that a contradiction in terms?] The artist statement: “‘On the edge!’ Said the landlord as she spat out the milk. Two years ago, right after when we moved from Japan to New York, we bought some milk. It tasted different from what we were used to, but we thought maybe that’s just the way things are here. Then we asked our landlord to see what she thought. In crossing the national borders, from Japan to New York, even the borderlines between ‘fresh and rotten’—something we should have instinctively sensed—became confused. What unreliable interfaces our bodies are! Today, constantly connected to the world via technology, our bodies are expanding their borders, and trying to touch the world beyond the frames provided. The boundary territories just beyond the screens, and vague new borders are marked by the spray of foul milk.”

••• You know warm weather is here because Robert Janz is making water paintings again.



  1. That’s not just a souvenir shop, that’s “Hot Rod” that carries thousands of important everyday items and has been one of my go-to places for 23 years. Eric, if you haven’t been inside, you should check it out. It’s the door just west of Canal Rubber. I’d be shocked if they’re leaving.

  2. Oh and by the way, the owners of Canal Rubber have owned that building for decades, so you need not be concerned for them!