Seen & Heard: Visit Tribeca Artists in Their Studios

••• The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour—a.k.a. the TOAST Art Walk—is this weekend! Friday evening through Monday, you can visit many local artists in their workspaces; the TOAST website event tells you which studios are “old school [with] the capacious charm of the 70’s & 80’s.”

••• It looks increasingly as if the windows on the east side of 111 Murray are intentionally misaligned.

••• Our city councilmember Margaret Chin decided to attend the Tribeca Trust candidate forum on this Wednesday, May 17. I’d love to know what the candidates propose to do about the problem of illegal placard parking.

••• This Thursday through Saturday (May 18-20), former Tribeca resident Mali Sananikone Gaw will bring her swimwear brand, Via Eden, to Giorgia for a trunk show. “If it goes well, we plan to be in-store at Giorgia to do personal swimwear fittings once a week throughout the summer,” she says.

••• It’s not too late to sign up for the Tribeca Scavenger Hunt this Sunday! It benefits Friends of Bogardus Plaza. Get your tickets now.

••• The Yorganic on Greenwich Street appears as if it might be changing its name to Bliss Bowl (a signature menu item).

••• I thought Babesta Threads at 66 W. Broadway might get a month-to-month reprieve, but I guess not—lending credence to the notion that the Vin Sur Vingt mini-chain of wine bars is pursuing this retail space (rather than the others in the building). Babesta says it’s consolidating Threads into the Cribz store on Warren.



  1. I think changing their name to Bliss Bowl is smart. I always associated the name Yorganic with some sort of frozen yogurt place.

  2. I think the yorganic in FiDi (89 Washington St) has been called Bliss Bowl for some time? I ordered some deliveries from the Tribeca yorganic and it would come in a bag branded “Bliss Bowl.”