Seen & Heard: L’Angolo Might Open Tonight

••• The story changed. Anyway, the good news is that the Smile Newsstand at Shinola will reopen soon.

••• A man working on L’Angolo, where Roc was, said the restaurant could open as soon as tonight. UPDATE 5/24: Just heard it’s now tomorrow night.

••• The 1st Precinct Community Council meeting is tomorrow (May 25) at 6:30 p.m. at the precinct house.

••• The Department of Building permits for the retail space at 74 Leonard say it would be residential (unless there’s more than one…?), but now it’s a sales office for a new real estate development. The worker didn’t know which one. The most logical contender would be 91 Leonard (a.k.a. 351-355 Broadway), or the Clocktower Building at 346 Broadway, although the word was that it was creating a sales office in the former Matsugen space on Church.

••• The Bar Works co-working space at 95 Chambers is about to open.

••• And 108 Chambers, nearby, is moving along. That’s where Greystone is constructing a two-story building (to be home to a Starbucks and possibly a Vitamin Shoppe), and at some later date, adding eight stories on top. Actually, the DOB paperwork for those eight stories was filed last week. I still wonder about the push to create the Starbucks—and the only answer that comes to mind is that one of the company’s other cafés nearby is closing.



  1. 74 Leonard is the 45 Park Place sales gallery (