Seen & Heard: Witches’ Knickers

••• The paint store opening at 100 Lafayette is called InColour, not InColor.

••• The Water Street Greenmarket starts June 1. It’s Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

••• The Bar Works co-working on Chambers is about to open, but the signage on the 70 White location has been removed, and there’s no mention on the company’s website.

••• The Verizon store at 277 Canal has reopened after a renovation. “Better than another vacancy,” says the reader who noted it.

••• “I’ve noticed more and more acid etchings around the area,” emailed a reader. “If you are unfamiliar with that term, the attached photo is an example. It’s hydrofluoric acid in a marker that permanently damages glass. You can’t really remove it as it is burned into the glass, and the only solution is replacing the glass. For a big storefront window it can be expensive and complicated to change.”

••• Thanks to C. for pointing out this tweet: The phrase “witches’ knickers” is almost enough to make the plastic detritus bearable.



  1. Is there any protective coating for glass that is effective against the acid vandalism?

  2. Yes. There exists a clear film to adhere to glass. Its produced by the solar film companies that also provide uv ray protection. Email me for info.

  3. An acid etch can be polished out. It can be cheaper than replacing the glass, but it is not cheap. The procedure takes a few hours as they have to go slowly enough to not overheat and break the glass.