Seen & Heard: A Rash of Fake $20 Bills

••• From photographer Donna Ferrato: “Since 2007, I have made biannual limited-edition portfolios known as the 10013 Collection, which document Tribeca’s transforming landscape. […] The 2016 Tribeca Portfolio is the final portfolio; no more limited edition collections will be created. The 2016 Portfolio continues on 2014’s theme of massive change, with historic buildings being ripped down and the loss of our skyline. But Tribeca’s spirit lingers. It feels like the living and the dead are finding a way to be walk in peace together. A portion of the proceeds from the final 2016 Portfolio will go towards production of a Tribeca book, which I am creating with Hank Widmaier and Hamilton Fish. Collectors of the 2016 Portfolio will have their name included in a list of patrons in the Tribeca book.” See the portfolio here.

••• “Thought you might be interested to know that I have received several fake $20 bills in my shop in the past 10 days,” reports Carol Adams of Torly Kid. “In addition, I was in Whole Foods over the weekend and the cashier there told me she was experiencing the same.”

••• Grand Banks is now serving lunch Wednesday through Friday.

••• A rep for Church Publick says that the Craigslist post about a new Louisiana-style restaurant at 78 Reade is “unrelated to our business, and Church Publick is sticking with the same concept. Perhaps they plan on meeting with candidates here or just wanted to give a general idea of the neighborhood.”

••• The sidewalk at 56 Leonard gets closer and closer to being reclaimed.

••• From Trinity Church: “As LGBT Pride Month kicks off nationwide on June 1, at 8:30 AM in Lower Manhattan, parishioners of Trinity Church Wall Street, an Episcopal congregation, will raise the rainbow flag at the historic Trinity Church on Broadway at Wall Street. A brief service celebrating diversity, solidarity and inclusion led by the Rev. Winnie Varghese will follow. Participants, including members of Trinity’s LGBT Integrity Group, then will walk north to St. Paul’s Chapel at Broadway and Fulton Street to raise a pride flag at this house of worship.”

••• An art exhibition called Text/ure is up at the Shirley Fiterman Art Center : “Text/ure, curated by Kristen Frederickson with assistant curator Avery Curran, will feature the work of Brenna Beirne, Colin Chase, Paul D’Agostino, Lisa Corinne Davis, Kelly Driscoll, Ula Einstein, Paul Gagner, David Henderson, Oliver Jones, Courtney Puckett, Christine Sciulli, Duston Spear and Kate Teale. ‘The artists included here celebrate texture and material,’ says Frederickson.” Below: a detail from “Hive” by Brenna Beine.

••• M. M. De Voe spotted a Greek café/bakery called GFG (Greek from Greece) coming to Beekman and William.



  1. All businesses should have a counterfeit detecting machine.
    It only costs a few hundred dollars.
    We check all bills $20-$100 at my small business.

  2. Please indicate whose work is pictured for the Exhibition at Fiterman Gallery.

  3. It’s not just Tribeca that is seeing these counterfeit $20 bills. My shop near Union Square has taken 2 of them in the past week. I’ve seen plenty of fake bills over the years; they’re all a little different and and these are coming from the same place. There is no watermark at all, which makes them easy to spot, if you know to look.