Seen & Heard: Spring’s Restaurant Is Supposed to Be Open to the Public

••• Egged on by Debra, I looked up the stipulations insisted upon by Community Board 1 for Spring Studios’s liquor license. Sure enough, it couldn’t be clearer: “The commissary will be open to the public as a white table cloth reservation only restaurant.” In other words, the Spring Place private club is in violation of the stipulations.

••• Shinola is opening a store at 101 Prince Street.

••• “Norwich Follies” is shooting on Broadway below Canal this Friday. @OLV says that’s actually “Mr. Robot”—and shame on the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment for allowing the show to disguise itself.

••• The storefront at 101 Leonard next to Think Coffee (which looks very close to opening—the paper is off the windows) ius getting built out. Anyone know for what?

••• Has this newsstand outside the Starbucks at W. Broadway and Leonard been there for long? I have no memory of it.



  1. I propose that we all go to spring studio restaurants and demand to be seated citing the cb1 regs. Is there anything that can be done legally?

  2. I will bring the torch and pitch forks!