177 Franklin St.
(bet. Greenwich and Hudson)
Apparel (Men), Apparel (Women), Jewelry

The Shinola brand has been around for decades, although only until very recently did it stand for anything besides shoe polish. (The “don’t know shit from Shinola” line comes from a possibly apocryphal tale of a World War II soldier putting one over on a commanding officer.) It’s now owned by Bedrock Manufacturing, the Dallas-based company that also owns Filson and is an investor in Steven Alan (whose offices relocated to above Shinola). Bedrock’s ambitions go way beyond shoe care: To start, the store has Shinola bikes, watches, leather goods—with free on-site embossing—and journals, along with smaller, quirkier items, from Shinola baseballs to Shinola brads to Shinola pencil sharpeners. Many are proudly emblazoned with “Made in Detroit,” as Shinola is greatly invested in helping to rebuild that city. The store was designed by Tribeca’s own David Rockwell. The main room, at the far end, has a double-high ceiling, with a catwalk reached by a spiral staircase, and a faux skylight with LEDs that change to mimic the light outside. At the front of the store is a small, handsome café, the Smile Newsstand, run by the folks behind the Smile in Noho and the Smile to Go in Soho; it sells coffee and baked goods.

Shinola roomShinola watch



  1. Nice that Shinola is a having a block party. Too bad they are totally insensitive to the fact it’s Yom Kippur….

  2. Hey, if Kutsher’s is open 4-10 for dinner that night (they are) down the block, maybe all is forgiven

  3. Shingle’s investment in helping Detroit is highly questionable. Like Chrysler, they exploit the concept of Detroit but none of their products are made there.