Seen & Heard: Pure Green Juice and Bulletproof Coffee

••• TG pointed out that the plaque of two men holding hands that was at 99 Church Street—the Dun & Bradstreet building, which also housing Moody’s Investors Services—before it was torn down and replaced with 30 Park Place, is now at Wyeth. I stopped by for a look—it’s impressive.

••• An update on Tuesday’s “In the News” item about the Bar Works co-working company: The Bar Works signage has been removed from 95 Chambers, and Pure Green founder Ross Franklin says that his juice/smoothie company—which is leasing space there from the landlord, not subletting from Bar Works, and is unaffiliated with Bar Works—is staying. (Same presumably goes for Bulletproof Coffee and Beyond the Bar.)

••• From A.: “I wonder if you know about changes in traffic patterns around the Holland Tunnel. Quite suddenly there is a tremendous amount of traffic on Vestry Street approaching Hudson Street. While it is not possible to make a left turn into the tunnel-entry lanes there is bumper to bumper traffic on our street starting at around 3:30 p.m. Do you know anything?” I don’t, but I thought someone out there might.

••• A phone store appears to be moving into the former Elena Ab Gallery space at 185 Church.

••• I used to think I was above peeking into windows, but here’s another one: The sale gallery coming to the former Matsugen space at 241 Church (66 Leonard) has several holes in the window covering. There’s a lot of molding inside. The word was that the sales office is for the conversion at 346 Broadway.

••• T. spotted a giant drill at 76 Varick, where Smorgasburg will soon start a two-year food fair. (Initially, the word was that it’d open in August, but now they’re saying it might be sooner.) The drill would seem to indicate that Trinity Real Estate, which owns the land, might yet get around to building there. There’s more on its plan for “2 Hudson Square” here, although the map there seems to be wrong; Duarte Square runs along Sixth, not Varick.

••• The ground floor of the Murray side of 19 Park Place has been somewhat revealed. Maybe it’s a sign we’ll get that part of our street back sometime soon.



  1. I’ve noticed the increased traffic on Vestry as well and often many more cars turning onto Vestry from West Street. While I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, a neighbor mentioned that the turn off Hubert onto Hudson is being blocked by cones. If this is true, it’s certainly not helping matters on Vestry.

    • I’ve noticed that google maps takes you to vestry if you’re coming from south if there. Maybe everyone is following that

    • Yes, Google maps directs you to vestry (vs canal) from south and north on West street. But that’s been happening for at least a year or two and I never understood it.

      Same goes for turning left on Hudson from driving east on canal. Google maps directs you to vestry (vs canal) from West st. I work at 250 Hudson and always have to remind Ubers to disregard instructions and have to self navigate with them.