In the News: Downtown’s Flood Risk Will Worsen

••• “Police are looking for a man they say has stolen wads of cash and five credit cards out of women’s purses and theaters across Manhattan”—including at 100 Church. —DNAinfo

••• “New estimates by the Department of City Planning show that the risk to Lower Manhattan posed by sea-level rise and extreme weather events will increase in years to come, as the focus of climate change converge with aggressive real estate development.” —Broadsheet

••• The New York Times‘s “Sunday Routine” column features fencer and model Miles Chamley-Watson, who lives in Chelsea but mentions several downtown businesses: The Dogpound, Gunbae, Aire Ancient Baths, iPic, and Chalk Point Kitchen. (But why doesn’t the Times ban references to products—such as Red Bull—that a subject is paid to promote?)

••• “The custom menswear brand Indochino on Thursday opened its second store in the city, at 25 Broad St. in the Financial District.” —Crain’s

••• “Windows on the World, a new film about the September 11 terrorist attacks, will focus on one of the workers in the venues that occupied the top two floors of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.” —Eater



  1. Do you know why the traffic is so terrible on Vestry, between the West Side Highway and Hudson. It has been this way the last few weeks. There was very little traffic before.

    It is terrible.