Show Us Your Roof: 100 Barclay

When offered the chance to check out the communal terraces on the 18th floor of 100 Barclay, I couldn’t resist. The 1927 Ralph Walker building is a stunner, of course, and the terraces are a highlight—the middle section of the building is H-shaped, so you as you explore each arm of the H, you get views in every direction. (All of these photos can be enlarged.)

We started on the northwest arm. Pretty cool that Goldman Sachs has a pot farm.

Do I have to say that that was a joke? Probably. The ball fields also look great from on high, although 111 Murray casts a literal shadow over them.

I hadn’t realized that some residences at 100 Barclay get private terraces. This one, facing Barclay, has a bunch of interesting sculpture on it.

And a slice of Midtown is visible….

There are myriad seating areas and many planters, but the 10-year-old in me was enchanted most by narrow corridors leading between the east and west sides and elsewhere. You could have an awesome game of hide-and-seek on this roof.

To the east, there’s another green roof at BMCC’s Fiterman Hall and the Municipal Building in the distance.

You can even see 4 World Trade Center without 3 World Trade blocking it.

I get woozy when looking down from a great height, but I had to do it anyway. More terraces!

Because of the H shape, the building itself is easy to admire. And here’s a better look at one of those bird reliefs.

Moving to the southern arms of the H, you get one of the best views around of the World Trade Center Oculus. (That’s the new World Trade Center Greenmarket tucked under the wing.) Once 2 World Trade Center and the performing arts center get built, opportunities to see the Oculus’s full splendor will be few and far between.

Not that they’re getting built anytime soon….

1 World Trade Center is directly across Vesey from 100 Barclay. The reflection of 100 Barclay is excellent.

Meanwhile, something funky was going at 1 World Trade Center:

Looking past 1 World Trade Center, you can see sky and water, planes and boats.

And we’re back where we started, looking north….

Now wouldn’t you like to show us your roof? Email or text 917-209-6473. I’ll bring you a treat.

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