In the News: Blacks and Latinos Targeted for Pot Arrests

••• Daytonian in Manhattan digs into the history of 452 Greenwich. A choice moment:

Another boarder [in the mid-1840s] was Martha E. Walker. She had left her husband, Thomas, who was verbally abusive and unfaithful. Her animosity was apparent in a letter she wrote from the Greenwich Street house on January 28, 1847 asking for the return of her miniature portrait.  She said in part: “I am happy, and will continue so in spite of all that you can do. I have plenty of friends, although you have said I was so vile… Your miniature I enclose, and again demand mine; the likeness of a villain I feel no inclination to retain. Your face brings only the remembrance of your baseness to my mind.” Martha’s description of her husband as a villain was apparently not overly-dramatic. He was tried on June 4, 1849 for her murder.

••• “Spireworks, downloaded by invitation only, lets users change the lights on two spires from red to blue to orange—and add sparkles. […] The app is the brainchild of Mark Domino, a digital-media artist who […] is the son-in-law of Douglas Durst, the real-estate tycoon whose family company, the Durst Organization, owns the two midtown office towers.” The two buildings are 1 Bryant Park and 4 Times Square, but the Durst Organization “has added One World Trade Center, which it manages, to the app on special occasions, including the U.S. Open tennis tournament, the NYC Marathon and World AIDS Day.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “Cops are still arresting tens of thousands of New Yorkers—the vast majority black and Latino—for low-level pot possession despite a pledge by Mayor de Blasio to move away from such arrests, a new report found.” Because no one listens to him. “Even in many white neighborhoods, most of the people arrested for pot were black and Latino. In Tribeca and the Financial District, blacks and Latinos made up 10% of residents but 73% of pot arrests.” —New York Daily News

••• The New York Post loves the Woolworth Building condos. When I was at the model units, I asked about the penthouse; it seems that they’ve been working on the challenging floor plan: “The Pinnacle, the multi-story pyramid that tops the building, has been gutted, and one of its many stories removed to create a 2,400-square-foot floor with a 23-foot high ceiling.” It’s listed at $110 million.

••• East Wind Snack Shop has opened at Broadway Market, one of those multi-vendor spaces, at Broadway and Broome. (Makes me realize that I always take Mercer or Crosby when heading through Soho, because I had no idea it existed.) —New York Times

••• The owner of 103 Reade cleaned up the mess outside. —Tribeca Trib

••• “You’ll be able to walk seven miles of car-free streets in New York City this summer while you take in activities like mini golf, zip lining and even a water park modeled after an LG dishwasher. That’s what the city’s Department of Transportation is promising during its 10th annual Summer Streets event that takes place on three Saturdays in August.” —DNAinfo



  1. Who are the blacks and Latinos being arrested in Tribeca? This is beyond absurd. Sometimes I think the vast majority of blacks and latinos in the neighborhood are BMCC students and service workers. Very distressing statistic.

    • If you take a few minutes to read the article, you’ll see that the numbers make a bit more sense and isn’t as racist as it sounds. If they’re only arresting people for PUBLIC smoking of pot, and tribeca and fidi are mostly white residents, then of course the arrests will be mostly NON-whites since they’re the ones most likely smoking out in public.

      • I see (and smell) a lot of pot being smoked by white people in TriBeCa all the time.

      • Do you really believe that they’re arresting only people who smoke in public? Because the police say that’s policy? Talk to Blacks and Latinos who are arbitrarily searched for no reason – and are illegally searched – take a look at the bystander videos of police attacking innocent people, and explain to me how these folks aren’t being targeted.

        • I know of at least one Tribeca high end apartment building where the police recently responded to complaints about marijuana smoke coming from what I understand was an affordable housing set-aside apartment with a minority tenant. It is unclear whether any arrests were ever made.

      • sit outside of citigroup for more than 5 minute and see how wrong you are

  2. this commentary is beyond reproach

  3. I don’t understand why people need to smoke pot in public. No argument with doing it in the privacy of your own homes. However now Just too much of that smell around outside schools, shops, supermarkets? It’s getting a bit ridiculous..
    DeBlasio =what a mess…

  4. IMO the chamfered corner entrance at 452 Greenwich Street with the cast iron column is a far nicer restoration than what was done recently at Yves (385 Greenwich Street) when they bricked up all around the column there and gave up the chamfered corner entrance.