Chef Ichimura Isn’t Coming Back

After it was announced that chef Eiji Ichimura had left his new restaurant on Leonard Street for health reasons, and that he’d be returning, I heard otherwise—that he was out for good. The New York Post found the court papers detailing the disagreement between Ichimura and his business partner, Idan Elkon (shown above in happier times).

The Michelin-starred chef abandoned his eponymous Leonard Street eatery in May because of “stress” caused by “significant staff turnover,” according to the legal claim. When Ichimura, 63, walked away after just five months, Elkon publicly pinned the blame on the chef’s health. But in reality, Ichimura “no longer wishe[d] to work with Mr. Elkon,” according to Manhattan Supreme Court documents filed last week. […] Ichimura has repeatedly asked Elkon to remove his well-known name from the business to no avail, Ichimura alleged.

Elkon has been bringing in other chefs—and dropping the price from $300 to $200—but it remains to be seen how long that will last.


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  1. Well that is sort of one side of the story.

    I guess when you tell the owner of the restaurant that you might have to go back to Japan for medical treatment (Yes, it was allegedly that serious), he should just assume that you are a liar instead of being compassionate and giving you the time off to take care of your health.

    I guess that is what passes for “pinning” these days.

    And as for the rest of the claims, they are probably (wink wink) just as truthful.

    Time will tell.