A Poke Restaurant Is Opening on Greenwich

The great citywide poke boom—or bubble?—has finally reached the western half of Tribeca: Poke Green is opening at 275 Greenwich (between Warren and Murray), where the Bitz Kids shop used to be. The burgeoning chain currently has two locations in FiDi, on Hanover Square and Pearl Street. The menu is pretty standard for the poke world: bowls with seafood and rice and seasonings, with a build-your-own option. (If you’ve been under a rock for the past two years, poke is a Hawaiian dish of raw fish and rice, and it’s pronounced poh-kay.)

Poke Green joins Humble Fish on Lispenard, Poke Bowl and Nanzan Poke on Canal, and Eastward Poke on Church, along with several more in FiDi.



  1. I would like to know where all these places get their fish? Is it fresh and local or……..?

    • My understanding is that a lot of the fish is indeed local – nearby Hudson and East Rivers. Also, the tuna is usually caught off the southern tip of Staten Island, while the salmon is more native to the Gowanus. These places are very conscientious about supporting locally bred seafood.