Le Dû’s Wines Is Moving to Tribeca

Hudson Street recently lost a liquor store, but it’s about to gain one—although this one is unlikely to also sell Fireball and lottery tickets. Le Dû’s Wines, currently at 600 Washington, is moving south to 112 Hudson. (That space has been empty so long I don’t even know what was there before.) From the store’s website: “Founded by renowned Sommelier Jean-Luc Le Dû in 2005, Le Dû’s Wines has quickly made a name for itself as a global destination for high-quality, small-production wine.  Named by Zagat’s as #1 Wine Shop in New York City, Le Dû’s features a wide array of European classics, along with a focused and “curated” selection of New World wines and aristanal spirits.”



  1. Perfect New use for this space. Fred Parvin’ Newstand never

    did any business there.

  2. Greetings from the denis- name . Best to you. Fred Parvin was a really nice guy. Great guy. Used to play on all those rugs when I was a kid. Best to you. I’m sure you’ll find success.

  3. Walking by here yesterday they asked me to sign a petition of support about their opening. They said they were on track to open in a couple of weeks and were just gathering additional signatures to show the city council they had the support of the community. I don’t know if that’s how the city council works…maybe they were just trying to gather addresses for a mailing list or something.
    Anyways..they seemed nice.

    • See

      Liquor License Application
      Community Board One Questionnaire Public Notice

      It is required that you take one or more of the following steps – including the first one listed below – at least 5 days prior to your meeting with a CB1 committee to demonstrate good-faith efforts to notify your neighbors of your intention to open this establishment. Please check what you have done and attach evidence:

      * REQUIRED: Post flyers giving public notice of the Community Board meeting including date and location and details of your application, at eye level on your property door and in other locations on the block where the establishment will be located (see sample notice on page 7 and provide photographs as evidence).
      * Petition of neighbors in favor of the project (see sample on page 7).
      * Meeting with a coop board and/or building management.
      * Advertisements of the Community Board public meeting in local papers.
      * Mailings you have sent or distributed to neighbors.


      We, the undersigned residents of the area, support the issuance of an on-premises _____________ ____________ (please indicate type of license) license to the following applicant/establishment:

      Address of premises: _____________________________________________________________

      The business will be a ( ) restaurant ( ) tavern-restaurant ( ) other: ____________

      The hours of operation will be _______________________ Weekdays (Sun. – Thurs.) _______________________ Weekends (Fri. & Sat.)

      PLEASE NOTE: signatures should be from residents of buildings, adjoining buildings, and within 2-block area of property in question.


  4. How ridiculous. Tribeca has far too many wine stores as it is. We couldn’t possibly need anything less.

    That space is literally between two wine stores already.