Seen & Heard: Walk-Up Windows

••• Bar Cyrk has closed for some sprucing up.

••• “I met the product manager at Google Maps,” emailed a reader. “I told him about the Vestry complaints. He said he would gladly fix it if I could send a copy of the bad directions for the left turns off Vestry onto Hudson. Would it be worth posting to those readers who were complaining about them to ask them to send a copy of the problem which you could forward to me?” Sure. Email

••• Thom Browne’s women’s store has opened.

••• Trend alert! Two downtown restaurants appears to be adding walk-up windows: the Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee on Reade and the Greek From Greece bakery café at Beekman and William (I didn’t realize the photo was blurry till it was too late). Hope so; it’s nice for dog owners.

••• 1 Beekman is starting to rise quickly. Renderings.



  1. I really hope Bar Cyrk does reopen. I love the pizza and the ambiance..but it *is always deserted when I’m there.

  2. I agree with Becky. Thy also have a great music list and Grandma pizza. It’s like new. Renovations? I feel a sense of foreboding. One of my favorite little places. ?

    • They seem to always close for a week or two during late July/early August. Not worried at all. It’s the best place. Great staff, ambiance, and pizza.

  3. Hello all,

    Just above the Fountain Pen Hospital there are two numbers, 10 & 8. They are wrapped in a concrete frame that resembles the highway interstate signage.

    Does any one know what they stand for?

    Many thanks.

  4. And 11:05 pm is somehow not sad?!!!!!