Seen & Heard: Tetsu Opening Forecast

••• There’s a new Tribeca Soho Walking Tour of Music and the Arts: “Take a trip back to the pre-gentrified Tribeca and Soho neighborhoods. Included will be where the art, movie, and music world elite hung out when Studio 54 became too crowded. See where the clubs that many bands of all types of music had their first NYC gigs. Find out locations where various known movie scenes where shot. Plus artist studios and hangouts, dance clubs, and many other historic iconic pop culture locations including my favorite NYC ‘landmark.'” Locations include the Mudd Club, Wetlands, and Paradise Garage. $30, 90-120 minutes.

••• Tetsu intimated on Instagram that it’d be opening “in a few weeks.”

••• I hadn’t noticed that the Poke Green coming to 275 Greenwich is also touting “a fresh twist on ice cream,” which appears to be of the liquid nitrogen variety. UPDATE: “Photo looks like Thai rolled ice cream to me, à la 10Below,” says A. I thought they were the same thing, but apparently not.

••• Press release: “The Indo-American Arts Council is delighted to announce IAAC’s Tenth Annual Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance, consisting of an indoor concert (Aug. 14), an outdoor concert (Aug. 15), preceded by a day of workshops (Aug. 13).” More info here. Below: Kalanidhi Dance; photo by Louis Forget.

••• Rob got a peek inside Ladder 8, a.k.a. the Ghostbusters firehouse at Varick and N. Moore. It should be about halfway done with the restoration, if it’s not delayed.

••• Press release from the China Institute: “Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit for Eternity, a new exhibition, has just opened at China Institute Gallery. This debut US solo exhibition from Xuzhou Museum displays more than 100 newly-excavated artifacts of jade, terracotta soldiers, and bronzes from the Western Han dynasty (206 BCE-8 CE). Featuring the country’s best golden-threaded jade burial suit, the exhibition explores the long-enduring Chinese belief in eternal afterlife.” Pictured: “Part of the Jade Suit of the King of Chu Kingdom (ca. 175 BCE). Photo courtesy of Xuzhou Museum.”

••• A Spanish restaurant called Tomiño Taberna Gallega is opening at 192 Grand.