A New Restaurant on Warren Street

That tag sale at 20 Warren last weekend was indeed a harbinger of change: According to folks working at the sale, a new restaurant will be opening in the space (most recently Tara of Tribeca, for a brief period, and before that, 20/Twenty). I had heard it would be a Japanese steakhouse, but then when I went over to confirm it, I was told that the steakhouse part wasn’t certain. The new tenant, however, “is one of the largest producers of Kobe beef in Japan”; it signed a long lease, and this seems to be its first restaurant in the U.S.

We’ll undoubtedly learn more when the proprietor applies for a liquor license. After Tara of Tribeca failed, there was an attempt to open a spinoff of the Raccoon Lodge in the space, but neighbors fought hard against it.

Know anything about it? Email tribecacitizen@gmail.com or text 917-209-6473. Anonymity guaranteed.



  1. I think the issue with that location is that they need a new storefront. I walked by Tara/20/twenty everyday and it always gave me the impression of a gentlemen’s club.

  2. Could this be the place that considered the former Nobu space but couldn’t reach an agreement with the landlord due to high rent costs? Also, do you think that landlords in buildings with restaurants, retail, etc need to be regulated?

    • I thought about that, but it’s hard to imagine the same tenant being interested in the wildly different spaces.

    • The high-end Japanese steakhouse is coming to Greenwich St. supposedly. This place on Warren appears to be something different.

      • Back in the day….20 Warren was a Chinese Latino restaurant before they went Latin restaurant and lounge. A number of years ago the police busted a prostitution massage parlor on the upper level. Sounds to me that 20 Warren would benefit from an indoor and outdoor remodel.