Seen & Heard: Inside a Traffic Control Box

••• I loved seeing this photo of Buddy Bowzer on photographer Claudine Williams’s Instagram. “I would often see Buddy hanging outside of the local bodega or near my friend’s apartment,” she wrote. “I was always fascinated by his look. Every day he’d be dressed to the nines in his leather jacket, hat, bandana and jewelry. I finally got the courage one day to ask if I could take his picture. Buddy is a saxophone player who played with the New York Dolls, and made an appearance in ‘Sex in the City.'” Claudine can take your photo, too….”

••• I always get unduly excited when there’s a chance to peek inside some bit of infrastructure. Today, on Hudson, the door to one of those green Traffic Control boxes was left open. Click on it to see it larger.

••• Nice to see 60 Hudson following through on its promise to display local artists’ work in one of the W. Broadway windows. Up now: Pictures by Tribeca resident Cybele Kadagian, including the one below.

••• One of these buildings is so elegant.

••• Have you been to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 yet? It’s at the far end of the park, past the Ample Hills ice cream shop. It’s really lovely, more green that not, and Pilot, the new boat bar/restaurant from the Grand Banks team, is there. When I walked by at dusk on Thursday night, there were relatively few people there (compared to Grand Banks). So take the NYC Ferry’s South Brooklyn Route to Pier 6 and make a night of it. You have till October 1.



  1. Your comment about the building by Mr. Maki (4 WTC) is particularly heartbreaking because I used to be able to see it from my corner every day, and the view was so satisfying – always varied, depending on weather, time of day, season. Forever more that vista will remain just a memory for me. Hate when that happens.

  2. thank you SO much for the write up! hopefully all come to view the pictures of Tribeca! :-)