In the News: Remembering George Carroll

••• In yesterday’s mention of the heartbreaking murder of George Carroll (above in 2012), I neglected to include a link to the GoFundMe drive set up by his wife, Chrissy Carroll, to help pay for a wake and burial.

••• The New York Times recaps the sad retail situation in Soho, with this unwelcome bit of news: “T.J. Maxx, the discount department store chain more often found in suburban malls, has signed a deal for a large storefront on Broadway.”

••• “Flex-work provider Knotel has signed two new leases. The first is for 29,171 square feet at 137 Varick on the northwest corner of Spring Street in Soho, where it will have the entire third and eighth floors. […] Knotel also signed a three-floor deal for 27,000 square feet at 40 Exchange Place in the Financial District. Under this 10-year deal, Knotel will have three floors.” When the commercial-occupancy rate for an area such as Lower Manhattan gets determined, there should be a big asterisk—because these coworking spaces aren’t really leased till they’re subleased. —New York Post

••• “The city on Tuesday released the schedule for the Astoria ferry route set to begin Aug. 29, with boats leaving every 25 minutes to Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, the East Side and Wall Street.” —DNAinfo

••• The new version of Coco Pazzo opening this October in the former Milady’s bar at 160 Prince (at Thompson) will include a fast-casual part called Coco Pazzo Kitchen, which “will dispense quick lunchtime salads, sandwiches, and soups.” —New York




    A teen suspected of fatally stabbing a Brooklyn man in front of the victim’s wife two weeks ago was arrested on Thursday — just blocks from the crime scene.

    Gary Correa, 19, had been on the run from police, but seems to have been hiding in plain sight.

    He was caught a short stroll from where George Carroll, 42, was knifed outside McGolrick Park in Greenpoint on Aug. 18, cops say.

    Police officers arrested Correa, who lives in the nearby Bushwick Houses, as he was walking on Norman Avenue between Dobbin and Guernsey streets.

    Carroll, a 42-year-old actor, was with his wife, Christina Romero Carroll, 41, walking to their home on Monitor Street when Correa allegedly stabbed him.

    Police say Correa attacked Carroll after the two exchanged words on Monitor Street near ­Driggs Avenue.


    Correa has 13 prior arrests, including for grand larceny, armed robbery, burglary and criminal possession of marijuana, according to police sources.

    He was charged on Thursday night with murder in the second degree.

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    The culprit was placed in a man-sized cage which was then hoisted up over a tree limb near the outskirts of town.
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