New York Vintners Is Closing Its Warren Street Location

New York Vintners is closing its shop/event space at 21 Warren at the end of September. The email from owner Shane Benson doesn’t mention the big “indoor farm” on Barclay Street, so I was concerned that perhaps it’s not happening, but he says it’s still on (and they’re shooting to open in January). I suspect the emphasis there will be much more—if not entirely—on the classes, rather than retail.

Anyway, here’s Benson’s email:

It is said, “All things must pass.” And pass the time we did for more than a decade on Warren Street, building one of the most robust educational wine programs in America, championing the great winemakers from across the globe, integrating wine with culture as it was historically intended and following the simple belief that “A wine’s quality is determined in the glass.”

We have been fortunate to meet so many thousands of great people and share wine with so many icons—some of whom have passed like the great Serge Hochar and our dear friend Dirk Roos. So many great memories. The doors at 21 Warren Street will close for the last time September 30, 2017 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the unwavering support over these many years. I would also like to thank the many people with whom I have worked who helped build something so unique and beautiful. This isn’t the end for New York Vintners, just the conclusion of the first act with more to be written.

I invite you to come visit us over the next few weeks to bid a proper adieu to the entire NYV team. We look forward to seeing you one last time on Warren Street.


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  1. So sorry you’re closing. I enjoyed many wine tasting classes at your store. I have a better understanding of wines now.
    thank you